Frequently asked questions about Art Therapy
Do I need to be an artist to do art therapy?
No art experience is required. The goal is expression, with the emphasis on the creating. What matters is how the creating makes you feel, and what meaning you find in your images.

Is an art therapist a “real” therapist?
Yes, art therapists are trained at a graduate level as art psychotherapists. They are required to take similar coursework to many other mental health professionals, including a supervised and reviewed research thesis. They also do hundreds of hours of supervised work with clients before they can practice art therapy.

What kinds of materials might I use in a session?
Some materials include paper and paint, markers, pastels and coloured pencils, clay and collage. Each session you may choose what you are comfortable with. You may choose to use just one for the whole session, or many.

Can an art therapist be my primary therapist?
Yes they can. Art Therapists are qualified professionals who have similar training to many other mental health professionals.

I already have a therapist. Can I still do art therapy?
Yes you can. Art therapy can bring new insight into your work with your other mental health practitioner.

Can I claim art therapy services on my health insurance?
Psychotherapists' service can be claimed on most health insurance plans, depending on the circumstances.

If I am interested in trying Art Therapy is there a fee?
For a free half-hour consultation please fill in form below and we will set up a convenient time at the Art Therapy Clinic.