Free yourself from past hurts and grief

Many of us, therapists included, have needed psychological help at difficult times in our lives. There should be no stigma attached to needing, receiving, or offering skilled help. 

An art therapist is trained to help you examine your strengths, your power and your reach in order to move past hurts and grief. Together, you’ll concentrate on the possibilities, not what might go wrong.

One hour a week spent focusing on where you are and where you want to be is time well used!

Art therapy helps you deal with:
• Stress
• Depression
• Reducing anxiety /panic
• Adjusting to life changes like divorce, school, illness, work issues
• Loneliness
• Grief and Loss
• Managing behaviour
• Solving problems
• Increasing self esteem
• Adolescent Issues
• Eating Disorders
• Sexuality issues
• mindfulness meditation
• Coping with personal injury
• Self awareness and personal growth

Try the test “Is art therapy for me?” on this site for further thinking on this.