Art therapy can help you cope with stressful or traumatic life events and help you find ways to cope and feel understood. With understanding comes hope and healing.

No matter what your trouble, you can be assured that we will find a way to hold it in the art therapy space. You are listened to carefully, with the time and safe place to consider what is happening and what you are thinking and feeling. There are paint, markers, pastels, collage and clay to use as part of our communication.

Art therapy can be used by people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and with different needs because art is a universal language. You may consider art therapy when you are struggling with emotions and troubles and like the active aspect of art-making integrated into talk therapy.

I believe in art’s ability to empower people and improve their quality of life. Your expectation can be to find tools to cope with problems and implement personal change, in order to get more out of life.

Find out how to reclaim your passion about your work and your life!

Consider coming to a safe place to explore your feelings and some of that trapped stress!